Eurovia (sas)

18, place de l'Europe
92565 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex
Tél. : + 33 1 47 16 38 00
Fax : + 33 1 47 16 38 01
SIRET : 348 866 260 01053 NANTERRE
Capital : €366,400,000

1 Purpose

The website is provided by Eurovia SAS, a simplified joint-stock company whose registered office is at 18 Place de l’Europe, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France, and which is registered at the Nanterre Commercial and Companies Registry under the number 348 866 260 (hereinafter referred to as “Eurovia”).
The purpose of these general conditions of use (hereinafter “GCU”) is to set out the rules governing access to and use of the website (hereinafter the “Site”) belonging to Eurovia.
In accessing and browsing the Site, Users agree without reservation to comply with these GCU, which may be amended by Eurovia at any time.
“User(s)” means any person(s) accessing and consulting the Site.

2 Content

Information contained on the Site may not be construed as an offer of sale or purchase. Products, processes and programs presented on the Site may not necessarily be available in every country. Users acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their use of the information provided.
The Site is normally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, without prejudice to the generality, for reasons beyond Eurovia’s control, or due to computer-related difficulties, difficulties of a structural or technical nature relating to the telecommunication network, or for the purposes of maintenance, it may decide to suspend or interrupt access to all or part of the Site. The Site may also be modified and updated without prior notice and its functionalities and/or characteristics are subject to change. Eurovia reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion to remove or modify all or part of the Site’s functionalities, characteristics, sections and/or services.

3 Intellectual property

The Site is the property of Eurovia SAS, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of €366,400,000 registered at the Nanterre Commercial and Companies Registry under the number 348 866 260, whose registered office is at 18 Place de l’Europe, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France.
Eurovia is the owner of the rights, titles and interests associated with the Eurovia name. Any use of the Eurovia name without Eurovia’s prior authorization is prohibited. The Site and its contents are protected within the meaning of the French Intellectual Property Code, in particular as regards intellectual property rights, designs, models and brands.
Under the Intellectual Property Code, and, more generally, international conventions and agreements containing provisions relating to the protection of intellectual property rights, Users are prohibited from copying (save for private use) and from selling, distributing, issuing, broadcasting, adapting, modifying, publishing or communicating, in whole or in part and in any form, the Site’s data, presentation or organization or works protected by intellectual property rights appearing on the Site, without specific prior written consent from the owner of the copyright attached to the work or attached to the Site’s presentation, organization or data that is so reproduced.
Users are also prohibited from uploading data to the Site that would or could, using processes of any kind, alter the content or appearance of the Site’s data, presentation or organization, or the appearance of works appearing on the Site. For more information, Users can contact the webmaster at

4 Confidentiality policy

Data gathered by Eurovia through the Site are data that Users voluntarily provide when logging on to the Site or when making contact with the Site’s publisher using the contact form appearing under the “Contact” tab.
In the event of a User making a contact request, the personal information gathered is limited to the User’s contact information (such as forename, family name and e-mail address). Each message will contain the web address and any additional information that the User wishes to include.

Users are informed that their usage of the Site may be monitored using cookies or other mechanisms.
Cookies are used to enhance Users’ experience and to help Eurovia improve the Site.
By continuing to browse the Site, Users agree to the use of such cookies.

Addresses of personal information
Personal information gathered by Eurovia may be transmitted to the following addressees for the purposes described above, in order to ensure that the Site functions correctly and to achieve those purposes: the relevant services and/or departments of Eurovia, the services and/or departments of a company of the Group to which Eurovia belongs, and the services and/or departments of an establishment or branch of Eurovia or of a company of the Group to which Eurovia belongs.
Information gathered will not be shared with or disclosed to third parties.

Cookies :
Definition – How they will be used by Eurovia
A cookie is an information file loaded onto the User’s hard drive by the server of the website being visited.
Eurovia uses cookies in order to carry out Site traffic analysis and audience measurements by gathering information relating to Users’ browsing habits, and to enable Users to use sharing functionalities on social media.

Information gathered by Eurovia in this way is anonymous and is only gathered for the purpose of measuring and analysing Site traffic. This information is used exclusively by Eurovia and is never shared with third parties or linked to other information.

The main cookies used by the Site
The cookies used on the Site can either be installed by the Site or by a third-party site. They may be session cookies (in which case they are automatically deleted when the browser is closed) or persistent cookies (in which case, they are stored on the User’s computer until their expiry date).
Eurovia mainly uses the following cookies:
1) Google Analytics: an internet traffic analysis tool which provides Eurovia with a range of data and a Site visitor activity monitoring service. When a User visits the Site, Eurovia uses the cookies to monitor and receive anonymous information on the User’s search activities on the Site. The Google Analytics tool makes it possible to improve the User’s online experience and the Site’s user-friendliness. In no circumstances is it used to gather personal information about the User, and it is never associated with the User’s profile if the User is also registered on the Site.
2) Social media sharing cookies, placed by services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which allow users of social media sites to share content found on our Site with those sites.
If the User disables cookies, the Site will behave in the same way, but it will be impossible for the User to use the social media sharing functionalities.

Accepting or rejecting the Site’s cookies
Regardless of the choices made, Users can disable or enable cookies at any time.
The User’s browser may also be configured to indicate the cookies being placed on the computer and to ask the User whether or not to accept them. The User can accept or reject the cookies on a case by case basis or reject them automatically.

Information gathered from Users is stored securely. Eurovia undertakes to take all reasonable measures available to preserve the confidentiality of personal information. The person responsible for the collection and processing of such information is Eurovia, whose contact details are shown above. Such information will be used by Eurovia for Site usage and statistical purposes.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978, as amended in 2004, Users have the right, if necessary, to access, correct and object to personal information concerning them. This right can be exercised by sending an e-mail to, or by sending a letter to the following address, enclosing proof of identity:
Eurovia (SAS), 18 place de l'Europe, 92565 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex, France

5 Limitation of liability

Users access and use the Site at their own risk.
All Users must take appropriate measures to protect the data and/or software stored on their computer and telephone equipment against any attack.
Eurovia is only obliged to take reasonable care as regards the information made available to persons accessing the Site. Although Eurovia has taken all necessary steps to ensure the reliability of the information contained on the Site, it cannot be held liable in any way for errors or omissions or for any consequences of use of such information. In particular, the use of HTML links may take Users from the Site to other servers providing the information sought, and over which Eurovia has no control.
Users acknowledge and accept that the Site is provided using the internet and mobile networks, and that consequently, factors outside Eurovia’s reasonable control could have an effect on the quality and availability of the Site.
In using the Site, Users accept all the risks and characteristics inherent in the use of mobile terminals and the internet, and in particular the possibility of technical malfunctions of internet and mobile telephone networks preventing the smooth running and/or functioning of the Site, and of computer bugs, technical anomalies and/or breakdowns, transmission delays, data losses and the risks of hacking.
Consequently, Eurovia cannot in any circumstances be held liable, in particular, for the availability, relevance, security or quality of all or part of the Site, of any associated software or application or of any information obtained using the Site. In no circumstances may Eurovia be held liable for direct or indirect loss or damage of any kind resulting from Users’ use of the Site or of any element of the Site.

6 Severability of clauses

In the event that any of the clauses of this Confidentiality Policy proves to be null and void, in particular as a result of a change in the legislation or of a court decision, this will not in any circumstances affect the validity and observance of the other clauses of this Confidentiality Policy.

7 Applicable law and disputes

These GCU are subject:
- to French law if the User is resident in France;
- to the domestic law of the User’s place of residence if the User is resident outside France.
Any dispute or disagreement relating to the performance or interpretation of these GCU which cannot be resolved amicably will be referred:
- to the competent courts under the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal if the User is located in France;
- to the competent courts with jurisdiction in the place where the User is resident, if the User is resident outside France.