The concept, the website and its contents are the result of a collaboration between Abmo and Datagif.

Design, webdesign and webproduction, motion design
DATAGIF agency
35 Rue Chanzy
75011 PARIS

Highlights 2019 print version, videos scenarisation
12 rue du Général Guilhem
75011 PARIS

62, Rue Tiquetonne
75002 PARIS
Tel : +33 (0)1 84 16 23 40

Videos and photos
Production of videos presented on the Site by Datagif and Abmo.

All photos and videos used in the production of the Highlights 2019 website are owned by the Eurovia Group. Copying of all or part of those items without the Eurovia Group’s consent is prohibited.
Videos: Eurovia, VINCI, Tulipes & Co, Titobulle Productions, Satellites Multimedia, Black Euphoria, Samy Gatibelza, Fertil Ink, Novasud, Axel Heise, Igor Peijic, Cyrille Dupont/The Pulses, Pascal Le Doaré/CAP Vertical, Pulsemedia.